Responsive Website Design and Reputable Search Engine Optimization

Based in Lancaster PA, M Street designs responsive websites that produce results with on-page SEO, smart link building and proper social network strategies.

Steve Jobs Design Quote

Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not how something looks, but rather how it works.”

Website Collage Website Design

Website Design

M Street, LLC is an established, full-service web development and marketing agency providing fresh, inspired service to our clients. We are an agile web design agency based in Lancaster PA.

Our team of web development professionals specializes in creating, developing, and maintaining your website to maximize your company's potential to attract and serve your target customer.

Your website will be fully-customized (we won't offer templates, we are classier than that) with equal attention given to the front end design "look and feel", as well as the back end programming and database, making it both an attractive website design and very user-friendly.

Application Programming

At M Street, we can create any application for any client. From the practical to the fantastic - if you can dream it up, we can make it happen. Our client-specific web applications will be dynamic and state-of-the art to grab and maintain the attention of your intended audience.

We'll work with you to determine your specific needs and tailor sharp innovative solutions that will captivate today's sophisticated users.

Top Website Design

Social Media & Link Building

Link building is the secret weapon for driving traffic to your website and helping you achieve a higher ranking in search engine results. Acquiring trustworthy incoming links is crucial for your company's success in today's competitive web-based business world.

We'll create a customized link-building campaign based on your target market, focusing on both the quality and quantity of your backlinks from relevant, established sources. More clicks means more traffic, and more traffic means more potential customers visiting your site.

PFC Promotion Fulfillment Mobile Responsive Display Designing for mobile is responsive design the key?

Designing for mobile, is responsive design the key?

M Street, using responsive website design, can ensure that your site will be easily browsed by users regardless of which device they are using.

SEO: Google's Panda Update
Make sure you have quality content

Googles Panda Algorithm SEO: Google's Panda Update
-Make sure you have quality content

On September 18, 2012, a Panda update was confirmed by Google on Twitter, announcing, “Panda refresh is rolling out—expect some flux over the next few days. Fewer than 0.7% of queries noticeably affected"

Google says it only takes a few poor quality, or duplicate content, pages to hold down traffic on an otherwise solid site. Google recommends either removing those pages, blocking them from being indexed by Google, or re-writing them.

M Street offers affordable small business solutions

We understand the need for all size businesses to have quality SEO service. We pride ourselves in offering a quality solution for any budget.

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Some inside humor...

An SEO expert goes to a bar, a tavern, a public house, a gin joint, a pub, a dive, a bar and grill, a bar and grille, a grill and bar, a place to drink.

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Real Search Engine Optimization Results Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

A beautiful, easy-to-navigate website is ineffectual when none of your potential customers can find it.

Our conversion-oriented Search Engine Optimization experts will work with you to ensure your website isn't just another pretty face lost in the crowd. Ensure your on page optimization is working for you!

We'll help your site get top rankings in organic search results by writing or rewriting it using industry specific keywords and search engine friendly content.

Let us run a keyword analysis for you to ensure your website is optimized to help your business grow.

tools for website Search engine optimization in lancaster Website Search Engine Optimization Tools

Website Search Engine Optimization Tools

M Street has developed proprietary tools for measuring your website's performance. These tools reduce analysis time by almost eliminating the time it takes to gather the SEO metrics.

With these tools, we track our client's keyword placement weekly to ensure we are maintaining our top search engine rankings

Website Design and Development Webmaster

Why would you use Wordpress when you can have an M Street website?

“WordPress and other CMS’s don’t currently let you work with truly dynamic data…they let you work with posts,” he says. “So if you run a custom business, or want to build something like a store, you’re really trying to cram your dynamic content into a blogging platform.

Vlad Magdalin

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website design in Lancaster PA

This website is currently being search engine optimized for "website design lancaster pa" and other related keywords and keyword phrases.

We are performing this search engine optimization campaign as a proof of concept, to test our web development and SEO skills in the Lancaster Pa business community.

"It has been my experience that when Lancaster businesses and Lancaster Non Profits are searching for a web developer based in or near Lancaster PA, they find M Street Web through word of mouth or after seeing one of the websites we designed."

-Chad Harnish

Our clients received over 162,000 visits in September 2013

Control Parts Logo Klockner Siemens Relays Control Parts | Website Project

Control Parts | Website Project

M Street is working with Control Parts, suppliers of Siemens Contactors and Relays and Klockner Moeller parts, to convert over 2,000 static web pages into a database driven powerhouse.

Additionally, we will be working to improve the user experience on this Lancaster PA business website.


Website Design and Development News

Danger Zones: 4 Things You Need to Know when Testing Emails

Danger Zones: 4 Things You Need to Know when Testing Emails

posted on: 2/20/2015

This article goes over some of the common pitfalls and danger zones when it comes to email subject line testing (and, really, testing in general). more

New Website for My Glamour Paws
-A Pet Groomer in Fort Myers Florida

New Website for My Glamour Paws -A Pet Groomer in Fort Myers Florida

posted on: 2/20/2015

M Street is proud to announce the re-launch of My Glamour Paws. My Glamour Paws offers Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming, Doggy Daycare and Overnight Boarding more

How Hashtags Work on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr

How Hashtags Work on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr

posted on: 2/18/2015

This article shows how different social media sites make use of hashtags. Most importantly, it shares some insight into how you can make the most effective use of hashtags for your brand. more

A New Website For RoadRunner Construction Equipment

A New Website For RoadRunner Construction Equipment

posted on: 2/17/2015

Road Runner builds heavy duty construction quality grading blades for tractors and skid steer loaders. The Roadrunner works well as a road grader, driveway grader, trail grader, road drag, material spreader, road maintainer, road scraper, finish grader, or landscape grader. more

Introducing The Springerle House
-Springerle Cookies, Cookie Molds, and Ornaments

Introducing The Springerle House -Springerle Cookies, Cookie Molds, and Ornaments

posted on: 2/10/2015

M Street is proud to launch a website for The Springerle House, a Strasburg based Springerle bakery. They offer Springerle cookies, Springerle ornaments and Springerle cookie molds so you can bake your own! more

Leanne Leiter

Leanne Leiter

posted on: 2/8/2015

Through various forms of media, Pennsylvania artist, Leann Leiter, documents the abandoned structures she encounters as she ventures through the rural countryside around her. more

Checklist For Improving Website Speed and Performance

posted on: 2/2/2015

This article explains the significance of website loading speed for the success of web projects, provides advice and recommendations to be followed in order to have good performances and we will share with you some useful tools and resources that will help you achieve this. more

5 typeface challenges in designing for next-generation interfaces

posted on: 2/2/2015

The rise in popularity of smartphones, with their increasingly high-resolution displays and powerful processors, has triggered a spike in consumer demand for better design, more polished graphics and the ability to connect and extend visual language from one device to another as part of a seamless experience. more

How to optimize blog images to maximize impact on social media and search

How to optimize blog images to maximize impact on social media and search

posted on: 1/19/2015

Adding images also brings with it another checklist of things to look for as you’re optimizing and adding more

Practical tips for Web and mobile usability tests

Practical tips for Web and mobile usability tests

posted on: 1/16/2015

Web usability and mobile usability may be under the single umbrella of usability, but the approaches can seem like night and day when you think about all the subtleties. When planning your goals, keep in mind the usability functions special to whichever one you’re designing for, its distinct functionality criteria, and the tests best used to study it. more

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Local Algorithm, Pigeon

posted on: 1/13/2015

Columnist Neil Patel provides a summary of what we know about Pigeon, Google's new local search ranking algorithm that was rolled out in July 2014. more

Intuitive interfaces don’t exist. Why should we use any interface at all, then?

Intuitive interfaces don’t exist. Why should we use any interface at all, then?

posted on: 1/8/2015

The easy part is harvesting all kinds of data we’re providing computer systems with. The hard thing? Structuring this data, making sense of it, and turning it into features that go beyond pushing actionable notifications to the lock screen. more

10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2015

10 Web design trends you can expect to see in 2015

posted on: 1/3/2015

It is no surprise that the need to be faster and perform flawlessly with zero lag will drive design decisions on many websites in 2015. more

What social analytics isn’t telling you this holiday season

posted on: 12/27/2014

"If you use social media data alone to determine how to market, sell, and support your customers this holiday season, or at any other time of year, you’re missing a huge piece of the targeting pie." more

"Moms don't purchase products just because they're cheap."

posted on: 12/21/2014

Retailers need a better understanding of the people buying their products. After having that info, companies should change their marketing, branding, or advertising strategies to be more appealing. more

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